Quality of Life Consulting

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy. Oftentimes, when it comes to our pets, this grief is compounded by feelings of guilt at having to make the decision to end our pet’s lives. As pet owners, this is often the hardest decision we are faced with. Our pets have always relied on us as guardians to provide the best care we can, and when the end is drawing near, this is especially important.

When faced with the consideration of euthanasia, the term “quality of life” is often used. This can be a somewhat vague concept, as one’s quality of life is different at different stages of the aging process.

At Elm Point Animal Hospital, Dr. Lange, Dr. Little and all the staff have the utmost respect for that “special” love and relationship bond that you have with your family member. If you are battling with making the tough decision of euthanization or need more answers, please call and make an appointment with Dr. Lange or Dr. Little.

Article: Knowing When It’s Time To Say “Goodbye”