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Boarding Your Pet at Elm Point Animal Hospital

We are proud to offer the region’s premier boarding facility for dogs, cats, and exotic pets! When you are planning to be away and cannot take your pet along, consider taking advantage of our boarding options. To make reservations call 636-757-7350 and speak with our reception staff today!

Boarding Amenities:

· We have staff dedicated to our boarders 24 hours a day at Elm Point. We monitor their behavior and appetite as well as their urine and bowel movements. If an issue arises, we will be there to care for your pet!

· Your pet can enjoy our beautiful outdoor play yards and our exceptional boarding facilities with spacious runs!

· Luxury Boarding suites available.

· Your dog will have access to our secure and supervised outdoor play yards! All dogs are walked 4 times per day, and if they enjoy having playmates, they will get the opportunity to socialize with some of their fellow boarders of the same size and temperament.

· We can provide bedding, toys, bowls, potty pads and (litter boxes), but you are welcome to bring items from home. Hospital food can be provided at an additional cost.

· Your pet will be spending time with our loving and dedicated staff!

· Want to give your pet a chance to adjust to our facility before their overnight stay? Consider making a reservation for Day-Boarding (see below) beforehand so your pet will be able to meet the staff and see where they will be.

· Kennels/condos and the outdoor yards are sanitized daily or more as needed.

· If available, your pet can be groomed, trained, or seen for an exam during their stay. We cannot ensure an appointment unless booked in advance.

· For an additional fee, you can have your dog upgraded to our VIP playtime where your pet can enjoy some additional time outside and individual time with staff.

Standard Boarding

Our standard boarding offers your pet a happy and safe place to stay while you are out of town. We have three different sizes of runs. Large is for our giant breeds; it gives them ample room to spread out and relax. The medium runs are perfect for your average size dog. Our small size is our canine condos. Sometimes the small dogs will get overwhelmed being in a large run, the canine condo offers a small and comfortable space that is perfect for their compact sizes.

Luxury Boarding

Give your pet the deluxe treatment in our Luxury Boarding! Many of the kennels have a window to see outside, so your pup will be in a room with a view. With less dogs in Luxury, your pet will enjoy a quieter setting. Dogs in our Luxury Kennels also enjoy an additional walk for a total of 5 walks per day. Each day of the week, there is a different enrichment activity your dog can partake in, such as playing with puzzles and enjoying a peanut-butter treat. While booking your pet for our Luxury Kennels, if available, your pet can receive a free upgraded spa package upon request.

We have 2 areas of Luxury Boarding: Music Luxury and TV Luxury.

Music Luxury:

Your dog will listen to relaxing music specifically designed to calm them.

Half of the kennels come with a window to see outside with 12 kennels total available.

TV Luxury:

Your dog can enjoy watching dog-themed movies, such as 101 Dalmatians and Homeward Bound: An Incredible Journey.

All kennels come with a window so your pooch can see outside with a total of 5 kennels.


Day-Boarding is for dogs who are only spending the day but will go home at night. Our Day-Boarders enjoy multiple walks and socialization time if they enjoy playing with other dogs. Day-Boarders can be dropped off between 7 am and picked up by close of the same business day. This service is available Monday - Thursday.​​​​​​​

Guidelines for Pet Boarding

· To ensure the safety of our kennel attendants and other boarders, Elm Point Animal Hospital reserves the right to refuse boarding services to pets that might create dangerous situations. While dogs or cats with a history of biting or clawing will not be automatically excluded from boarding at Elm Point, we will need to access their behavior to determine the best area for them to board in. We ask that you disclose any behavioral issues, phobias, resource guarding, aggressive behavior, and/or any other sensitivities your pet may have at the time of check-in so we can care for them appropriately and keep everyone safe. (An additional fee may be added if your pet requires considerable behavioral accommodations.)

· We ask that you disclose all allergies so we do not give your pet a treat or toy that may be harmful to them.

· If there are any other special instructions, please add them to the consent for or speak with our kennel staff upon arrival. This ensures your pet will be cared for just like they were at home.

· If you are boarding more than one pet, please note that they cannot be boarded in the same kennel/condo if they cannot be fed together. They can still go out to play together but they will require separate kennels.

· You may bring washable blankets, towels, bedding, and toys for your pet.

· For your pet’s protection, all vaccines for both dogs and cats must be current. Please schedule an appointment with one of our doctors for a physical examination and to administer any past due to vaccines prior to your pet boarding with us.

· We require that all dogs are current for Bordetella (a kennel cough vaccine), Rabies, Distemper, and Canine Flu.

· If you wish to supply your own pet diets, we will follow your feeding instructions.

· All pet medications must be administered by one of our Certified Technicians. Medications must be brought in their original containers with prescription labeling and will not be mixed with feedings.

Boarding Fees

Regular Boarding Fees for Dogs

· Overnight Boarding – $45.00 per day

· Doggie Day-Boarding – $28.00 per day

Luxury Boarding

· Overnight Boarding - $60.00 per day

· Luxury Doggie Day-Boarding - $36.00 per day

Cat Boarding Fee

· Overnight Boarding - $45.00 per day

Exotic Pet Boarding Fee

· Overnight Boarding - $35.00 per day

Other Fees

· Medicating your pet (based on number of medication)- $7.00 to $18.00 per day

· Behavioral/ Special care – 18.00 per day

· Feed hospital provided food (Hills Gastrointestinal Diet – only available for cats and dogs) - $6.00 per day

Additional VIP walks/ playtime $5.00 per session

Drop Off and Pick Up Policies

· Boarding pickup and drop off hours are Monday-Friday from 7 am to 7:30 pm, Saturdays from 7 am to 3:30 pm, and Sunday 10 am to 3:30pm.

· Please allow at least 15 minutes for check in or pick up. Save time by printing off our boarding consent form. Bring it in, filled out, and receive a $5.00 credit!

· Boarders are charged a full day upon arrival regardless of when pet is checked in.

· All boarders must be checked out by 12 pm to avoid being charged for any additional day of boarding.

· There are additional fees to medicate your pet while they are here, for the special care required for our diabetic guests, and for the extra accommodations required by our pets with behavioral sensitivities.

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