Grooming Services

At Elm Point Animal Hospital, our groomers offer all standard grooming services for your cat or dog. From full haircuts to just a bath package we groom your pet according to your specific instructions. We have spa packages, shed treatments and specialty services as part of our repertoire of options to help keep your pet happy, healthy and looking fresh. Our main goal is to keep your pet comfortable during the grooming process and to have them get to know their groomer personally. We love to build up and maintain a relationship with both you and your pet so that each groom is personalized to their individual needs.

Grooming Packages

Bath and Brush Package: This package is our most basic package and include the bath, brush out, nail trimming, ear cleaning as well as external anal gland expression.

Neaten Up Package: This package includes all of the services of the Bath and Brush Package as well as trimming up the face, feet and back end according to your instruction.

Full Haircut Package: This package includes all of the services of the Bath and Brush Package as well as a full all over body haircut according to your instruction.

Add on Services can be added to any of our basic grooming packages. Please ask about which services would be most suited to your pet.

Ultimate Spa Package: This package includes the Breath Fresh Treatment
Nail Filing
Oatmeal Shampoo or other specialty shampoo
Conditioning Massage
Blueberry Facial

Shed Treatment: To help cut back on shedding, we use a shampoo and conditioner that are formulated to tighten the hair follicles that still have coat attached and loosen the undercoat so that we can remove it by hand. This treatment will help to reduce shedding, however will not stop shedding altogether. For any additional advice regarding shedding please ask your groomer for more information.

Nail Filing: This service files the nails down to get them shorter and smoothing than traditional trimming.

Breath Freshening Treatment: Using a dental gel we apply to the gums, the gel then coats the teeth helping to facilitate fresher breath. We also spray their mouth with a breath freshening spray after applying the gel to your pet's gums.